We are partnered with many English Schools in cities across Australia. Some of the courses offered include:

  • General English primarily focuses on improving students’ communication ability (speaking and listening) in a fun, yet challenging, classroom environment. Students can attend different level of courses based on their English ability (beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced)

  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP) focuses on preparing students for studying courses at English speaking universities and vocational schools in Australia and around the world

  • Business English classes prepare students to work in English-speaking professional environments and quite often can be tailored for students looking to work in a specific industry.

  • High School Preparation prepares students to attend Australian high schools

  • Cambridge prepare students to take the Cambridge language exam

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) prepare students to take the IELTS exam

We are partners with renowned and experienced English Schools, so students can rest assured that they are attending a high quality, ELICOS registered institution. The facilities and support that these schools offer are of very high quality. Our Education consultants are more than happy to assist our clients in choosing the course that is right for you.

Time spent in the classroom

Generally speaking, most English language courses will run for 20 – 25 hours per week and study Monday – Friday. However intensive courses are also available upon request.

Duration of Courses

Almost all of our partnered institutions offer rolling enrollment, meaning that students can enroll anytime throughout the year. Courses range in duration from 4 – 60 weeks long. 

Average Tuition Fees

Between $200 – $350 per week

Costs to study in Australia vary on several factors including:

  • Type of course studied

  • Location of institution

  • Hours of contact with teacher

We can find English schools for any student’s budget and schedule.


General English


General English prepares students for using English in the modern world and classes are often fun, interactive and encourage class participation. It focuses heavily on students listening and speaking skills, although also improves reading and writing ability.

General English courses are developed to expand each student’s grammar and pronunciation ability. Furthermore, students will be encouraged to practice their conversational skills with other students and teachers during the class. Modules covered in the course will provide students with an English ability to cope with general activities such as day-to-day conversations, meeting and greeting people, job interviews etc.

General English offers classes at different levels:

  • Beginner
  • Pre-intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper-intermediate
  • Advanced

In many of our partner institutions, students are allowed to choose elective subjects that suit their study goals. This allows students to focus on core skill areas that they would like to improve. Example of the elective classes include:

  • Conversation classes
  • Grammar classes
  • Reading classes
  • Vocabulary classes
  • Listening classes
  • Business English
  • Test preparation classes.

Many students who come to study in Australia will commence their studies in a General English course to improve their English to a level that will allow them entry into another course. Upon completion of General English many students choose to attend other English courses (Academic English, IELTS preparation), or attend universities or vocational institutions.

Benefits of General English:

  • Students can attend monthly excursions organised by the school
  • Students are encouraged to participate in extra curricular activities
  • Upon graduating students will be given a certificate stating the duration of their studies and the English level they attained.
  • All course materials are provided for the course by the institution
  • Students can learn in a fun and rewarding classroom environment
  • Students take an initial English test to determine the correct class level for their studies
  • Participation and co-operations is highly encouraged

Duration of Course

Between 4 – 60 weeks

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English for Academic Purposes EAP


English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses are designed to improve an international student’s English ability to the level required so they may successfully enroll and study at a university or vocational institution in Australia.

EAP courses are designed to improve all aspects of the student’s English. Specific emphasis is placed on improvement of reading and writing skills, thus enabling a student to write university-standard assignments. The course is far more academic in comparison to general English courses, and greater emphasis is placed on increasing a student’s vocabulary and fluency throughout the course. This enables a student to communicate effectively and confidently in group discussions, give presentations and understand lectures and tutorials throughout university.

Pathway to Aus has several EAP courses that offer students direct entry into a university/vocational college in Australia without requiring the students to sit an IELTS exam.

The majority of schools only allow students with an English ability of intermediate of higher to enter EAP classes, so it is quite common for students to first take general English classes before switching to EAP. EAP further improves the student’s English ability after undertaking General English.

Some of the skills that students will learn in English for Academic Purposes that will assist them in their transition to university include:

  • Listening in college environments
  • Planning and writing reports and academic papers
  • How to successfully give spoken presentations in class
  • How to participate in class discussions
  • How to participate in group projects
  • Increasing students vocabulary and grammar
  • How to articulate their thoughts and opinions in an academic environment.
  • Advice on methods to sit formal exams

Once students complete the EAP course, they can choose to either continue to study EAP at a higher level, or alternatively, students can choose to undertake an IELTS class to ensure they achieve the required IELTS level to enter university.


4 – 24 weeks

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Business English


Students may decide to enroll in a Business English course to strengthen their practical English and prepare to enter an English speaking working place.

This course is designed to provide students with a strong foundation of the English skills essential in business environments, and will surely open many doors for potential students.

Throughout the duration of the course students will learn how to:

  • Communicate in work environments
  • Write and receive emails in English
  • Participate in office discussions or meetings
  • Complete rudimental paperwork
  • Correct office etiquette

In most English schools, students are required to have an English ability of intermediate to upper-intermediate before they can begin the course.


4 – 24 weeks

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High Shool Preparation


High School Preparation courses are created to develop students aged between 13 – 18 years of age English ability to the level required to enter an Australian high school. Throughout the course students will undertake both English classes, as well as essential subjects that students will study in the Australian high school education system such. These include mathematics and science.

The aim of HSP is to simulate what it is like to study at an Australian high school, as this may be very different from what the schools are like in the student’s home country. HSP classes encourage class participation and hope to build up a student’s maturity and confidence, all whilst maintaining the high level of study habits that the students are accustomed to back home.


1 – 60 weeks

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Cambridge English Course


Cambridge English Courses prepare students to sit the Cambridge English exam. The Cambridge exam is the commonly required for entry into universities and Colleges and for employment purposes.

All aspects of a students English will be tested and improved throughout the course which focuses on ensuring that the students understand the different components of the exam.

Students can choose to enroll in either the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) Course, or the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) Course.

To be qualified to enroll in the Cambridge English course students need to have an English level of a least upper-intermediate.

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International English Language Testing System IELTS


Students undertake the IELTS preparation course if they are intending to sit the IELTS exam in order to enter an Australian or International university or college. Completion of the IELTS exam is often also a requirement that students must complete in order to obtain certain visas.

The IELTS preparation course focuses on all aspects of a student’s English (speaking, listening, reading and writing), and by taking the IELTS preparation course, students will feel far more confident when sitting the actual exam.

Throughout the IELTS preparation course students will:

  • Become familiar with IELTS exam questions
  • Sit typical mock IELTS tests to simulate real exam conditions.
  • Receive expert advice from their teachers on areas of their English that they will need to improve in order to obtain a certain level on the exam.
  • Be provided individualized study strategies to best succeed on the IELTS exam
  • Learn different techniques and methods student can adopt to sit the exam.
  • Review previous IELTS exam papers

In order to enroll in the IELTS course students must have an English ability of upper-intermediate or higher.


1  – 12 weeks

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