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We believe that education and travel are the single greatest investments that anyone can make in life. Being able to combine the two, and learn a new culture and language, is the ultimate experience for any young person. We understand that the decision to migrate to another country to study is a huge decision in anyone’s life. We know because all of our staff have lived, studied and worked abroad. Studying in Australia and earning a certificate/degree that is recognized all over the world will not only expand your professional opportunities, but also broaden your global understanding.

Australia is one of the most popular destinations for students all around the world. International students who study in Australia benefit from the high level of education and at very affordable prices.  Australia has 8 out of the top 100 universities in the world and there is a very high level of education provided. Students who study in Australia experience a beautiful country and a respected international education system.


reasons to study in Australia


Below are just a few of the reasons why you should study in Australia:

  • Very safe country with minimal crime

  • Amazing natural scenery and beaches

  • High level of education

  • Obtain a bachelor degree in just three years (compared to 4 in the US)

  • High quality of living

  • Low cost of education

  • Easy going and comfortable environment

  • Highest intake of international students per capita for any country in the world

  • Incredibly diverse country

  • Students can work to support themselves while studying


how to start


  1. CONTACT: Fill the Information Questionnaire, necessary for each application.
  2. COURSE :Our Australian Partners Experienced Education Agents, will get to understand what you want and find the best course for you.
  3. REQUIREMENTS: One of the team will then qualify you to ensure you fit the visa and course requirements.
  4. APPLICATION : we will then assist completion application for the school.
  5. CONFIRMATION: you will then receive your Letter of Offer and confirmation of enrollement from the school.
  6. VISA PROCESSING: one of our Partners Registred Migration Agent, will then assist of processing the visa on your behalf.
  7. STUDIES: you will receive the visa and begin studies.


what our partners will do for you


  • Perform a free migration assessment to help determine which visa students will qualify for.
  • Give students free written or oral advice, so if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call or email.
  • Assist students to select the best visa, course or school for their specific requirements.
  • Provide a breakdown of visa and course requirements and costs.
  • They specialize in assisting students in enrolling in courses with articulation agreements with leading universities in Australia.
  • Assist students with the completing the application forms for the institution.
  • Converting the offer to a confirmation of enrollment.
  • Ensure students obtain the most adequate and cost effective Overseas Student Health Cover for your situation.
  • Guidance in assessing whether students will receive recognition for their study in Australia at institutions in their home country.
  • Assist students in choosing the best place to live your city and assisting in finding accommodation.
  • Provide a pre-departure orientation to ensure you are all set with the required information for your trip away.
  • Ensure that our participants have their travel arrangements organized prior to departure.
  • Optional arrival assistance (airport pick up).
  • We will monitor student progress and assist with daily student life.


upon arriving to Autsralia


Upon arriving in Australia, students can attend an orientation at our Partner's office. During this orientation, students will receive:

  • Assistance applying for a tax file number
  • Assistance opening an Australian bank account
  • Assistance obtaining a mobile phone
  • Assistance in resume preparation
  • Advice on how to obtain an Australian drivers license
  • Advice on local public transport
  • Free internet access in the office
  • Free postal address for mail

All of the added perks come at absolutely no extra cost to the international students who enroll with us.


study options


There are many different study options to choose for international students:





migrations options via studies


1 - You studied already overseas and have already qualifications and skills, then you can apply for Independent visa to stay permanently in Australia. In this case you can apply through this link: MIGRATION SKILLED VISA.

2 - You want to study in Australia and follow a pathway that allow you, to stay, work and seek a PERMANENT RESIDENCY, then your choice will be:



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Comments (4)

  • 1. Asem | 26/05/2016
My name is Asem
I'm from Libya
I'm 24 years old
I finished degree in construction management
I would like to inquire further information regarding migration to Australia because I'm very interested on working in Australia as well as further my study in masters
Thank you

Hi Asem,
If you want to remain in Australia after your studies, you have to follow a pathway through the skills demanded in Australia, please look at this link to see which specialisation can be suitable for the purpose of study and Migration. Your specialisation is in demand in Australia, it is no 1 in the list below:

After that, you have to fill the form below and make your choice and let us a message at the end, explaining that you want to study and remain in Australia:

Best regards

Sami Hassan Ali
  • 2. Sami Hassan Ali (link) | 26/05/2016
I'm going to write about myself
My name is Sami Hassan Ali
I'm from Yemen
I was bron in Saudi Arabia in 4th /6/1994
I'm student in Malaysia
I'm studying English in Kuala Lumpur
I would like to study Business information after finishing my studies English
I want to study in Astuarlia and I hope to work there because I like Astuarlia more than other countries
I hope to give me answer about Astuarlia.

Hi Sami,
You can finish your English courses and follow your Business Information courses later in Australia.
For that you have to tell us when you want to start your courses through the questionnaire in this link :
In the case 12 if your choice is other, then in the case 13 you write your choice.
At the end in the message you can write any comment or remarks.
Please note that some courses don’t allow you to stay permanently in Australia. For staying in Australia you have to choose an occupation listed in this file:
Best regards
Mohammed shahir
  • 3. Mohammed shahir | 25/05/2016
I am a civil engineer working in malaysia . I have 4 years experience . My bachelor and masters degree from malaysia . I have band 7 in all ielts abilities.
I want to immigrate to australia and apply for permanent residence .

Hi Mohammed,
You can follow a Skilled Migration Visa pathway to stay permantely in Australia.
First your occupation must be listed in the list:
Secondly you have to know the requirement and conditions:
Thirdly you have to fill the questionnaire form for visa assessment :
Best regards
  • 4. جميل | 25/05/2016
Thank you

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