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Preparation of Documents

The Procedure and process

Get your Visa

Plan your travel

Arrival to Malaysia

Visa for dependents

Cost for family

If you are in Malaysia with toursit visa

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The application process can take around two months.


Prepare your documents


You are required to prepare the following documents:


  1. Certified true copy in color of your original high school certificate.
  2. Translated to English and Certified true copy in color of your original high school certificate.
  3. Certified true copy in color of your original high school transcripts. 
  4. Translated and Certified true copy in color of your original high school transcripts.
  5. One personal pic with blue background, passport size 3.5*5 cm, see sample.
  6. Copy of all pages of your passport in full color, including blank pages (NOTE:Your passport must be valid at least 12 months from the expected date of entry. It must NOT contain information of any dependent(s) / family members.). Copies made by mobile will not be accepted.
  7. Pre-arrival Medical Screening form and report (Medical examination form verified by doctor). Download the medical form here.(NOTE: you will have to pass another Post - arrival medcial check up after your arrival to Malaysia, so your Pre - arrival medical check up, must be true, exact and complete).

When you are ready, then please use this link to apply: Student application form for English Program

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The Procedure and Process


  1. After receiving your Student application form through our website, and been accepted, the Language Center will issue an Enrollement Confirmation.
  2. You will be asked to proceed to the first payment: 4000 Ringgit Malaysian, for application, registration and visa processing fees.
  3. After receiving the First payment, the Language Center will issue and send to you an Offer Letter.
  4. After that, The Language Center will submit your application for visa approval to the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). EMGS is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ministry of Education and is the only organisation authorised to process student visa applications for international students who wish to study in Malaysia. Then your application is forwarded to the Malaysian Immigration Department to approve your student visa application.
  5. Once your visa application is approved, you will be notified by the Language Center to proceed to the second payement (the balance).
  6. When receiving the second payment (the balance), The Language Center will send to you the Visa Approval Letter.

The decision to issue or refuse a visa is made solely by immigration officers of the Malaysian Immigration Department. All applications will be assessed in accordance with Malaysia’s immigration visa rules and guidelines.

Note: in case of refuse, EMGS fees are not refundable.

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Get your visa


You are required to bring your Offer Letter and Student Visa Approval Letter  along with your passport to the nearest Malaysian Embassy to receive a Single Entry Visa to enter Malaysia. (NOTE: if there is no Malaysian Embassy in your Country, cause of war or else " Syria, Lybia, Iraq, Yemen" , then you may came directly to Malaysia and getting your Single Entry Visa from the Kuala Lumpur Airport).

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Plan your travel


With the Single Entry Visa from the Malaysian Embassy, you can then proceed to make your travel arrangements to Malaysia. Please inform us about your flight details at least 7 days before your arrival to ensure that an airport pickup service is arranged. The Malaysian Immigration Department requires all international students to be escorted by one representative at the Immigration checkpoint at the airport. (NOTE: Note: RM100 surcharge for pickup after 9pm and on Sundays/Public Holidays). You should plan your travel so that you will arrive before the term begins.

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After Arrival to Malaysia


Upon arrival, the student will proceed with the Post Medical Screening (the second) at an EMGS appointed panel clinic within seven (7) working days from the date of entry.

Your passport will be collected to affix the Sticker Pass on your passport.

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For dependents: Spouse and children


  1. Please send us the following documents from your home country:
  2. Copies in color of dependent’s passport, all pages including blank pages.
  3. One pic with blue background, size 3.5*5 cm,  for each dependent, please click here for see sample.
  4. Marriage certificate for spouse.
  5. Birth certificate for each child.
  6. Letter from your Embassy in Malaysia, confirming the relationship with the applicant (NOTE: you do that of course after your arrival to Malaysia. We proceed to issue dependent visa after getting your visa first).

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Cost for the Family


- 6500 RM per person, for one applicant, the spouse and one child.

- 5250 RM per person, for one applicant, the spouse and two children.

- 4500 RM per person, for one applicant, the spouse and three children.

- 4000 RM per person, for one applicant, the spouse and four children.

The main applicant will have, the following:


  1. English courses for 7 months.
  2. Student card
  3. Health insurance card
  4. Letter for opening bank account
  5. Visa can be renewed

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Applying while you are in Malaysia


  1. - Prepare all your documents for application and registration.
  2. - Your entry visa must be valid during the process’s time, around two months.
  3. - In case you don’t have enough time, you must ask the Immigration Department for Special Pass.
  4. - If you can’t obtain the Special Pass, contact us, we can arrange to get it, with an extra charge.
  5. - When you will get admission and Visa’s Approval, then you have to exit from Malaysia, and asking for Single Entry Visa from any Malaysia Embassy or Consulate abroad (of course you present your Offer Letter and your Visa Approval Letter).
  6. - You must inform us about the date of your re-entry to Malaysia, at least 3 days before your arrival, to allow our representative to assist you at the Immigration point at the Airport.
  7. - After you getting your pass, then we start the visa process for your dependents, if they are with you.


Make your Application now


Good luck


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